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Coupon Partners


1. Vendors and Brand Owners

Manufacturers and sellers of the lowprice products can partner with us. We sell everything to everyone with superior customer services.

2. Corporate Partnerships

We are open to offer exclusive discounts to the employees of corporates to instill the organic way of life to the corporate population of India. Click here to write to us to offer you some exclusive corporate discounts, FREE! Giftcards, Vouchers and access to the exclusive newest products in India.


3. Franchise/Setting up your own Discounto Store

Discounto offers franchise model to veteran enthusiasts in India and abroad. Through this association with our brand, you will get access to our marketing strategy, operations strategy, and the use of the name of Discounto which is a proven business model that has been flourishing since its beginning. You will establish relationship with a business model that has been growing at 99% on a month on month basis so you can use our technology and capitalize on our brand awareness in order to get a quicker return on your investment. We shall be able to provide our market intelligence reports, our growth engines and a business consultation to help you target the right market and the right set of lowprice brands so as to make an informed decision. First step? Write to us at [email protected]


4. Social Organizations/NGOs partnerships

We are always on the look-out of NGOs that wish to promote better living for everyone in India. We partner with NGOs to highlight issues that are related to Inflation, Struggle and Poverty and unhealthy way of living in order to spread awareness about products. We can partner with NGOs to collaboratively work towards this social cause either through events, or content or affiliate marketing. Write us on [email protected]


5. Bulk Orders

Looking for lowest prices in the market for the variety of products in the market for stocking? Get in touch with us and we guarantee the unbeatable prices of products from multiple brands in one go. Write to us at [email protected] and we shall help you speedup the process.


6. Coupon Partners

Click here to find our Coupon Partners. You can avail awesome deals from our coupon partners for shopping on Discounto.in. Find most impressive coupons and deals.